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Chinese A-shares to be included in MSCI EM index

Chinese A-Shares Attain Long-Awaited Milestone – MSCI EM Index

In June 2017, index provider MSCI announced that domestic China A-shares will be included in its flagship Emerging Markets (EM) index for the very first time. The move should lead to substantial inflows of global assets over time into the Chinese domestic equity market, enabling foreign investors to broaden their exposure to the transforming Chinese

August 30, 2017 Categories: Investment Strategy, Market Updates
Why downside protection may matter more than upside growth

Why downside protection may matter more than upside growth

Senior Portfolio Manager of the Multi-Asset Growth Strategy discusses the key concepts behind downside protection. A multi-asset approach to investing can efficiently employ downside protection in order to smooth the path towards securing an investor’s financial objectives.   The power of capital preservation   The global macroeconomics and geopolitical outlook remains uncertain, suggesting that an

Jul 27, 2017 Categories: Investment Strategy, Multi-asset

Multi-asset investing – how much risk can you afford?

Investors today face a challenging landscape, with high valuations across many traditional asset classes. Those high valuations come with low prospective returns, below-normal yields and, last but not least, high risk of significant drawdowns. More than ever, investors need to consider how much risk they can afford in pursuit of their investment goals. And more

Emerging Markets Equities – Emerging Investment Performance

Emerging Markets (EM) are a hot topic for investors. In the first of three blogs, Senior Investment Strategist Graham Harman reviews the case for long term value in EM equities. His next blogs will examine where the risks are for this asset class and discuss whether now is the right time to buy. Emerging markets

You cannot work out what’s next for China by extrapolation

Investment means dealing with an uncertain future, but forecasting is a tricky undertaking. The First Law of Forecasting Human beings tend to follow a pretty simple formula when forecasting the future, namely: assume that current trends will continue. We might even call that the First Law of Forecasting.1 That is not a bad approach when

Jun 29, 2016 Categories: Markets

Active vs. Passive: travelling in the wrong direction?

Black cab or Uber? Active or passive investing? Both choices are valid under different circumstances, and savvy investors need to work out how to navigate the different routes. It’s a predicament many of us have probably faced at least once, what with the recent disruptive growth of the world’s now most popular, app-based taxi service.

Jun 16, 2016 Categories: Markets

Eurozone money & credit growth improves further

All eyes are on Europe as we monitor the global economy’s recovery, and the risk that Europe acts as a drag. But recent data is encouraging, and validates my view that the chances of recovery are better than the risk of being dragged further into the doldrums. Private credit growth came in at -1.2%yy vs

Oct 30, 2014 Categories: Markets

Fiduciary management – a trustee perspective

  Can you think of a good process that doesn’t start with setting your objectives? You don’t buy a house without knowing if it’s near that great school you want to get your kids into, and you don’t buy asset management services without setting clear targets and expectations. So it is perhaps no great surprise

Feb 26, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

A language lesson at the Pensions Workshop

We recently hosted the first 2014 quarterly workshop for UK pension funds. It was a pleasure to see so many clients and friends at the Cafe Royal.   Using the wonderful tool at, I thought it would be fun to create a Wordcloud from the presentation materials. The results certainly seem to fit with

Feb 20, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investment Wire - Q end

The QEnding

  Well if nothing else QE has been an interesting journey and an education in monetary theory for all of us. Now with the economy looking like it is improving, a new Governor at the Bank of England and a soon to be new Chair of the Federal Reserve it is starting to look like

Sep 4, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy


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