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Q3 equity managers report: The froth has left the market

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Do markets still have room to run? See what equity managers across the manager universe are thinking in our Q3 report.   Equity managers: Does the stock market still have more to give?   Geopolitical concerns are undeniable. Many equity market valuations appear to be expensive. Despite those truths, our manager research team has found

November 1, 2018 Categories: Equities, Investment Strategy

U.S. elections 2016: Trump wins White House. Markets react with a selloff.

U.S. voters wanted change. They got it. Unless there is a recount surprise, as of now, it appears likely we will have Donald Trump as the next American president. In September, we wrote about the erosion of the middle class, especially in key rust belt states. Even with the aggregate economic gains during Obama’s presidency,

Nov 9, 2016 Categories: Investment, Markets

Crystal ball revealed: what does the future hold for equity investors if this time is not different?

In my last blog I argued that even long-term equity investors are not always rewarded for the risk they are taking. It all boils down to the price they pay for stocks. With hindsight the best time to buy is when everyone rushes to the door and the worst time is when everyone scrambles to

Jun 11, 2015 Categories: Investment Strategy, Markets

Equity risk without a premium?

My last blog considered a range of plausible return outcomes for a multi-asset fund over the next 10 years and argued that a repetition of the bull run of the last 10 years requires a very constructive view on the equity premium. This premium is what economists Lubos Pastor and Robert Staunbaugh back in 2001

May 21, 2015 Categories: Investment Strategy, Markets

Talking asset allocation – don’t get misquoted

Some of the most famous quotations are actually misquotations. Avid fans of Humphrey Bogart know that he never actually said: “play it again Sam” in his scenes with Ingrid Bergman. Greta Garbo didn’t really say: “I want to be alone” – instead she wanted to be “let alone”. And there is no evidence at all

Jun 11, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

Changing correlations, changing strategy?

  Pension schemes are focussed on achieving funding ratio outcomes In order to do this they need to continuously reappraise the drivers of uncertainty to their funding ratios. This means monitoring asset classes, volatilities and correlations. Certainly the most important inter-relationship in funding ratio is the correlation between equity markets are long-term real interest rates.

Jul 26, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy


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