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Q2 Fixed Income Survey – the U.S. growth domino effect

Global Fixed Income Survey

Throughout the year we ask leading bond and currency managers to consider valuations, expectations and outlooks for the coming months. Today, we’ve put the spotlight on U.S. rates and inflation expectations, credit markets and casualties from rising U.S. interest rates.   The domino effect   Over 2017, we highlighted the dichotomy between interest rate managers’

June 14, 2018 Categories: Fixed Income
Page Title Unconstrained Bonds – taste the secret sauce

Unconstrained Bonds – taste the secret sauce

Unconstrained fixed income has become a popular strategy. By choosing investments that are free from benchmark constraints and that allow the managers wide-ranging discretion, investors aim to achieve consistent positive performance irrespective of a potential turn in the interest rate cycle. But in a world of low prospective returns, a successful unconstrained bond strategy needs

May 31, 2017 Categories: Investment, Investment Strategy, Markets
Global Fixed Income Survey

Fixed Income Survey Results: Spotlight on Local EMD, Rates & Credit Spreads

Last October we initiated a quarterly global fixed income survey using responses from leading bond and currency managers highlighted by our research process. This quarter’s survey included 165 responses from managers with specialisms ranging across Global Rates, Global Investment Grade Credit, Global Leveraged Credit, Securitised, US Municipal Bonds, Active Currency, and Emerging Markets (EM) including

May 12, 2017 Categories: Investment, Investment Strategy, Markets

Quarterly Fixed Income Survey: bound in a narrow range

After an 80 basis point jump in US Treasury yields following the US presidential election, fixed income money managers have adjusted to the new environment. Across rates, spreads and major currencies, our second Global Fixed Income Survey1 shows managers’ forecasts are mostly clustered in a narrow range. The tightest consensus of all is for 2-3

Feb 24, 2017 Categories: Investment, Investment Strategy, Markets

Seeking return from fixed income: credit where credit’s due

Investors are struggling. High valuations and low interest rates make both equities and government bonds prospectively riskier and less rewarding. The search is on for alternative approaches and more flexible outcome-oriented strategies. Credit can play an important role in this search, but investors need to understand the characteristics of credit risk and where it fits

Sep 6, 2016 Categories: Investment, Markets

Eurozone money & credit growth improves further

All eyes are on Europe as we monitor the global economy’s recovery, and the risk that Europe acts as a drag. But recent data is encouraging, and validates my view that the chances of recovery are better than the risk of being dragged further into the doldrums. Private credit growth came in at -1.2%yy vs

Oct 30, 2014 Categories: Markets
Russell Investment Wire - Q end

The QEnding

  Well if nothing else QE has been an interesting journey and an education in monetary theory for all of us. Now with the economy looking like it is improving, a new Governor at the Bank of England and a soon to be new Chair of the Federal Reserve it is starting to look like

Sep 4, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investments Annual Pensions Conference 2013

Time to talk tactics

The set and forget style of investing is…well…forgotten In flatter and more volatile markets, many investors are employing tactical asset allocation, expressed through multi-asset managers or via inhouse teams. Either way, everyone has – and needs – a view on the direction of assets. Key strategists at Russell Investments expressed their own views to conference

Jun 5, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy


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