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Football and portfolio implementation – ensuring all interests are aligned

  In my last two posts, I discussed the importance of an implementation portfolio manager and transition manager in managing a multi-asset portfolio. In sticking to my football analogy, today I’m talking about a topic that has plagued both the football world and the investment industry. In football, the sport has been tarnished by an

August 12, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

Football & Portfolio Implementation – ensuring a perfect line-up

  In the last post (Setting a Winning Strategy) I related the importance of strategy implementation in football to multi-asset portfolio management. Central to maintaining the strategy was a strong team captain, or implementation portfolio manager, who played a central role and pulled the strings with the flow of the game in order to ensure

Aug 5, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

Football and portfolio implementation – setting a winning strategy

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe followed the World Cup with wonderment, and I am no exception. This year’s World Cup (which seems like a distant memory already!) was a thrilling edition that took several unexpected turns. Who would have thought cup holders Spain would be out in the first round? Or that

Jul 31, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

Overseeing your providers: are you ready for the good fight?

  The regulators are toughening up. Recent sanctions in both the UK and the US have hit the deadlines. I’ve been thinking about what that means for us and for our clients, and then I came across this blog from my colleague Brian Golob which sets it all out. I couldn’t have put it better,

Apr 2, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investments Wire - Fixing FX rates

Fixing FX rates – Fixing broken markets

Last week on The Wire, Sorca Kelly-Scholte commented on Professor John Kay’s stance on “broken markets” by stating that: “The alignment of incentives along the chain is, at best, patchy, particularly around transactional services such as currency trading or managing portfolio transitions. Savers are not always well equipped, or well-represented by their agents, to control

Jun 18, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investments Wire - Smarter with money

“Show me the money!” (being smarter with your cash)

A currency hedging programme can solve your exchange rate risk problem, but without adequate cash-flow planning it can also generate liquidity and asset allocation problems. Watch your cash The continuing Global Financial Crisis, and the resulting central bank addiction to QE, is making for volatile currency markets. Concerning shifts in major currencies are starting to

May 13, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy


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