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Cheap oil: More fuel than foul for the economic engine

Since mid-2014, watching the price of Brent crude has been like watching a falling rock From USD $115 a barrel in June, to $80, then $60, then to just above $50 as of January 8, 2015. A dramatic plunge. For the most part, this is very good news for the global economy. But there are

Jan 15, 2015 Categories: Markets

Eurozone money & credit growth improves further

All eyes are on Europe as we monitor the global economy’s recovery, and the risk that Europe acts as a drag. But recent data is encouraging, and validates my view that the chances of recovery are better than the risk of being dragged further into the doldrums. Private credit growth came in at -1.2%yy vs

Oct 30, 2014 Categories: Markets

UK economic outlook – Enjoy the sugar high

The UK economy has continued to develop momentum over the course of 2013 and is gearing up for a strong 2014. This is a positive development that we applaud. From here it is not, however, smooth sailing. In fact, the economy is on a bit of a sugar high—fuelled by consumer spending and housing. To

Jan 3, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investments Wire - UK gaining momentum

The United Kingdom: slowly gaining momentum

Since 2008 the UK has been the chronic underperformer of the developed world. Treading water is how we described an economy struggling to overcome the negative effects of the eurocrisis and fiscal austerity. Expecting a lackluster first half of the year the upside was to come from the second half, driven by global growth. Lately,

Jul 16, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investments Wire - The Eurozone: Too many grains of sand

The Eurozone: Too many grains of sand

If you think of the situation in the Eurozone as a pile of sand that steadily grows bigger and less stable as new grains of sand unrelentingly pile on top, you could be forgiven for expecting the Eurozone sand avalanche alarm to sound soon – especially in light of the new grains added already in

Mar 28, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy

2013 Annual Market Outlook – The United Kingdom: treading water

The economy in the UK has been treading water for two years now, and is expected to do so for at least another year. Especially in the first half of 2013, continued weakness in the private sector and the ongoing Eurocrisis will keep the risk of renewed recession high, despite austerity tapering off a bit.

Jan 25, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy


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