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No great surprise – Fed rate remains steady

This was the closest call we’ve seen in a while,but probably to no one’s great surprise the U.S Federal Reserve (the Fed) decided to hold rates steady at 25-50 basis points today. It was a move that was pretty well signaled September 12 when Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard remained steadfastly dovish in a speech,

Sep 22, 2016 Categories: Investment Strategy, Markets

Emerging Markets Equities – Emerging Investment Performance

Emerging Markets (EM) are a hot topic for investors. In the first of three blogs, Senior Investment Strategist Graham Harman reviews the case for long term value in EM equities. His next blogs will examine where the risks are for this asset class and discuss whether now is the right time to buy. Emerging markets

Sep 14, 2016 Categories: Investment, Investment Strategy, Markets

Q3 market outlook: Too long, too short or just right?

One of the dilemmas that we have when we produce our quarterly market outlook is the length. Do we produce a two-page summary document with just the soundbites? Or the full document with all the details? Like Goldilocks in Robert Southey’s children’s story, I prefer something in-between. In his video summary, Paul Eitelman, one of

Jul 12, 2016 Categories: Markets

Good COP, Good COP – The Paris Agreement

Last month’s UN Climate Summit in Paris, COP21, produced an agreement that exceeded most expectations. Now that investors, with many others, have helped governments to act, it seems likely that investors themselves will be expected to play their part in addressing climate change. What does that mean? It will mean increasing the flow of finance

Jan 14, 2016 Categories: Investment, Investment Strategy

To Hedge or Not to Hedge – Blog 4

Liability hedging has always been a difficult investment decision for pension trustees to make. This is the final blog in a series that explains the hedging question as ‘right sizing your risk’. In this final blog around liability hedging we will look at carry and the cost of waiting to hedge. Carry and the cost

Greece on the brink

Overview On June 29, Greece confirmed it will not be able to make its existing loan repayment to the International Monetary Fund due Tuesday. The discussions between Greece and its creditors broke down after its decision to call a bailout referendum cast the country into uncharted waters. Greek Prime Minister Tsipras’s decision to call this

Jun 30, 2015 Categories: Investment

The application of smart beta to currency management

Most of the discussion of smart beta so far has focused on the management of equity portfolios. At the recent Russell Institutional Summit, Keith Brakebill described how the concept is being extended to currency markets. “Smart beta” is really factor exposure management… I am in the camp that defines smart beta as factor exposure management.

Jun 4, 2015 Categories: Investment Strategy

5 smart questions to ask about smart beta – Q4: How can I be smart about how I use this smart beta?

Those that have jumped into smart beta so far are mostly making strategic allocations to fundamentally-weighted and low volatility indices. That’s one of the findings of our EMEA smart beta survey. But is this the smartest way to use smart beta? Well, there’s certainly something smart about it.  Making an allocation to either or both

May 1, 2014 Categories: Uncategorized

5 smart questions to ask about smart beta – Q3: Is it smart for me to use this smart beta?

  Thanks to the Great British Bake-Off* the shops are full of all kinds of clever bakeware and gadgets for the aspirational home-baker. Quite a bit of this stuff has made it into my kitchen, but it hasn’t done much to improve my baking. All the clever gadgets in the world aren’t going to make

Apr 23, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

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