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DIY buyout – for the many, not the few

With the party conference season upon us, you may well be groaning at being forced to listen to hackneyed phrases such as: “For hardworking families”; “Forward not backward”; “One nation”; “Britain can deliver”; and so on and so on. However, listening to one of these phrases, “For the many, not the few”, got me thinking

October 16, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

Exploding the myth that implementation is unimportant for investment returns

The other day a trustee said to me: “Lloyd, it’s all very well you telling us how much Russell has added value by actively managing our growth and hedging exposures, but does it really matter? Isn’t our funding level mostly influenced by our strategy? Why don’t you just focus on that and stop worrying about

Jul 2, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy

Allowing your fund to be anything but plain vanilla

New ice cream shops are popping up all over London at the moment. And judging by the queue at our local “gelato” the other day, buying an ice cream is no longer the preserve of the height of summer. This isn’t surprising given the range of flavours on offer. No longer do we have to

Mar 18, 2014 Categories: Investment Strategy
Russell Investments blog - Avoiding the storm

Dodging the risk parity storm clouds

As our fantastic barbecue summer comes to a close and ten year gilt yields bounce up above 3%, ponder for a moment the potential storm clouds on the horizon for naïve risk parity strategies. Such strategies are often described as “all-weather shields” for portfolios given their supposed ability to deliver the same return as a

Sep 13, 2013 Categories: Investment Strategy

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