Practical examples of using signals from our 2016 market outlook

January 19, 2016 Categories: Investment, Markets


The aim of any market outlook, like Russell Investments’ 2016 Global Outlook, is to help you identity market signals from the plethora of market noise.Ironically however, given the large number of market outlook documents hitting your in-box, translating the differing views from differing specialists into action that is relevant for can be just as challenging.

Often, you can gain guidance by looking at what others are doing. Therefore, we asked David Vickers, Senior Portfolio Manager in our multi-asset team, to give his views on the actions that his team are taking on the back of our strategists’ views.

In this video, David discusses:

  • The major opportunities and risks he is focusing on in 2016
  • How he is planning to exploit the opportunities presented
  • How he is planning to protect his multi-asset portfolio from the risks

Click here for further materials relating to our 2016 market outlook.

David Vickers – Senior Portfolio Manager

David Vickers


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